Acrylic Seamless joint glue (...
Substrate Bonder glue (E-008)
Undermount-sink installation ...
Rodding compound adhesive
Modified silicone (HV-10)
Acrylic Adhesive (Acrylic ser...
Vinyl solvent cement
ABS solvent cement
PP adhesive (PP332)
Plastic Pipe cement
MMA structure adhesive (ST se...
Acrylic Laminate glue (AL-242)
Marble lamination resin (UV-M)
Fire resistant resin (UV-F)
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Uvalam company locates in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China. Xiamen city, also known as Amoy city, is a major city on the Southeast coast (Taiwan strait) of China, and it is one of five Chinese special economic zones.


****China to host 2017 BRICS summit in our Xiamen City****


Uvalam is with over 10 years to supply the chemical solution on seamless joint for many popular surfaces (such as solid surface, engineered stone/quartz surface, granite, marble, ceramic, sintered surface, concrete, glass...) and related surface fabrications, plastic related products fabriction, structural bond with good strength and good flexibility, and different substrates lamination.

Uvalam mainly deveolp below products:


Solid surface & Natural stone fabrication adhesives

1. Seamless joint adhesive (AS-14);;  

2. Substrates bonder glue (E-008)

3. Undermout sink installation adhesive

4. Rodding compound adhesive

5. one component MS (Modified Silicone)


Plastics adhesives

1.Acrylic adhesive series (#30, #120 & #240, #240F)

2. ABS solvent cement

3. Vinyl solvent cement

4. PP adhesive (PP332)


Plastic pipe solvent cement / glues

UVALAM plastic pipe cements are mainly applied in PVC, ABS and CPVC piping and fitting systems for industrial grade.

Methacrylate structural adhesives (ST series)

Uvalam also develop 3rd generation of methacrylate structural adhesive - two component, room temperature curing, offering a combination of structural bonding strength and stiffness as well as the ability to bond a wide range of materials, especially on plastics, metal and composite materials in different fields.


Lamination purpose resin / adhesives (AL-242, UV-M, UV-F)

Uvalam also supply the adhesive and resin for lamination purpose.


AL-242: for acrylic (Plexiglas) decoration lamination;

UV-M:   for mable/Onyx and glass lamination;

UV-F:   for fireproof lamination purpose.

Uvalam has the confidence to provide updating solutions to meet updating needs in the market. We believe that with remarkable product quality and excellent service, it will provide us a better development of a bright future in the market.


All Uvalam partners will benefit from Uvalam products and service.                          



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