Solid surface adhesive (AS-14)
Quartz Stone adhesive (CS-16)
Epoxy adhesive (E-008)
MMA chemical anchoring (MA-19)
Sink undermounting adhesive
Rodding compound adhesive
MS (Modified silicone)
Acrylic Adhesive
Vinyl solvent cement
ABS solvent cement
Polyolefin adhesive (PO-332)
Plastic Pipe cement
MMA structure adhesive
Acrylic Laminate glue (AL-242)
Marble lamination resin (UV-M)
Fire resistant resin (UV-F)
Uvalam Accesory
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Living-eye & Death-eye

Fame after death, this is the living to seek after his death;
The real-time wine, this is the dead to aspire after his life.
Living-eye and death-eye are two basic eyes for observing the world.
However, few people have the death-eye.
Only those who are familiar with death have the death-eye.
The death-eye comes from witness the death or dying experience.
Sometimes, it also comes from subverting the observation position by death experience.
That is why Lao-tzu can write the Tao Te Ching,
That is why Sakyamuni can write some many books on Buddhism.
It is subverting the observation position make their similar experience.
No patient's wish is to lick his boss's shoes after releasing from the hospital,
unless he is a neurological patient.
The Eye of Death will revaluate everything.
It is under the impact of death that has changed his eyes and see different world.
Then, something of significance will be worthless at once.
Life is really cruel, but also fair.
It is too late to live again when we change the standard of life once death is coming.
All of us is desperado before we have death-eye.
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