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Uvalam Acrylic seamless joint adhesive (AS-14) is a two component (10:1), room temperature curing, acrylic adhesive.
It is for seamless joint of a variety of surface substrates, with some hundreds of popular color-matching.  It is of structural bond with excellent strength, flexibility and durability.
It is not only used for seamless joint for surfaces we mentioned, but also be used for structural bond of metal, plastics and composite materials.
Color matching sheet
Corian, Montelli, Avonite, Staron, Himacs, Hanex, Tristone....
Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, Cimstone, Technistone....
Athenian Marble, Natural Stone, Piedrafina, Sensa...
Dekton, Neolith...
Nanoglass, Glass 2...
  Any colors can be ordered for seamless joint.
Performance benefits
Steady curing in 24 months
Excellent water resistance
UV resistance, No yellow
Excellent scuff resistance
 No surface preparation
Excellent impact resistance
Comfortable sandability
Excellent bonding strength
Heat stability
Excellent toughness and flexibility
Recommended substrate for seamless joint
Solid surface, Engineered stone (Quartz stone), Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Sintered surface, concrete, Glass, SMC, BMC, HPL....
Curing Time
12-15 minutes
Shelf time
24 months under storage condition with temperature from 12.7棨55Fto 24(75F) in cool and dry places to avoid direct sunshine.
Cartridge size
10:1 dual PBT Cartridge 50ml, Cartridge 75ml, Cartridge 250ml & Cartridge 490ml.
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