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Uvalam solid surface adhesive (SS-14) is two component (10:1), room temperature curing, color-matched seamless joint, methyl methacrylate structural adhesive. 
It is for seamless joint on many kind of solid surface, with over 1000 popular colors for seamless joint purpose. 
It is of structural bond on solid surface with excellent bonding strength, steady color over 10 years, flexibility and durability.
Color matching sheet
Corian, Montelli, Avonite, Staron, Himacs, Hanex, Tristone....
Any colors can be ordered for seamless joint on deck seam, stacked edge and mitre edge.
Bonding strength 
The adhesive "bite" the solid surface aggressively along the joint line. The bending strength comes to 37-38 Mpa.
Performance benefits
Steady curing in shelf time;
● Long shelf time - 2 years;
● Steady quality-delivery in container by sea allowed;
Good weatherablity - UV resistance, No yellow over 10 years;
Comfortable sandability;
● No surface preparation;
● Excellent impact resistance;
● Excellent bonding strength;
Excellent toughness and flexibility.
Curing Time
13-15 minutes at 25℃.
*lower temperature, longer curing time.
Shelf time
24 months since manufacturing date under storage condition with temperature from 12.7℃(55°F)to 24℃(75°F) in cool and dry places to avoid direct sunshine.
Cartridge size
10:1 dual PBT Cartridge 50ml
10:1 dual PBT Cartridge 75ml
10:1 dual PBT Cartridge 250ml
10:1 dual PBT Cartridge 500ml
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