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Uvalam Substrates bonder adhesive (E-008) is a two-part (1:1), clear, fast curing under room temperature, epoxy-based structural adhesive.

It is for attaching different substrates in countertop application, such as attach solid surface, quartz surface, natural stone to wood and composite support structures.
Further, it can be used in bonding between a wide range of materials (especially where transparent joint needed), such as solid surface, quartz surface, natural stone, glass, crystal, porcelain, acrylic plastics, wood, plywood, metal, and composite materials assemblies.

Typical Physical Properties
                                                   Adhesive              hardener
Viscosity, CPS (@ 25 ºC):       5000 - 6000       5000 - 6000
Color:                                         Clear                   clear with slight yellow
Density, (g/cc):                            0.97                 0.97
Mix Ratio by Volume:                   1.0                  1.0
Mix Ratio by Weight:                   1.0                   1.0
Shelf time:                              12 months          12 months

1:1 dual Cartridge 400ml

Curing time:
5 to 10 minutes under room temperature.
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