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Uvalam rodding compound adhesive is a two-component (10:1) room temperature curing, methyl methacrylate structural adhesive. It is with high bonding strength for solid surface, quartz stone, composite, metal and plastics and so on.
It is formulated for embed fiberglass or steel reinforcement rods into solid surface countertop and other countertops, which will improve load tolerance up to 300% and deflection up to 1500%.
Part A (adhesive) – white
Part B (Hardener) –Clear to beige
Mix Ratio by Volume (ml)
A:B = 10:1
Adhesive Viscosity
Part-A (Adhesive): 100,000 CPS/22℃
Part-B (Hardener):  20,000 CPS/22℃
Working time
10-12 minutes (22℃)
Fixture time
25-30 minutes (22℃)
Gap filling
Fabrication temperature
- 50℃ - 120℃
Mixed Adhesive Gravity
0.98 ± 0.05
Flexural Strength
3,100 to 3500 Psi
Compressive Shear Strength
3000 to 3100 Psi
Shelf time
12 months

Packing: 10:1 dual cartridge 250m


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