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Uvalam modified silicone (MS) adhesive is one-part, high viscosity and fast curing modified silicone adhesive / sealant.
It is with high initial adhesion strength for solid surface, quartz surface, natural stone, glass and many other building materials.
It has four significant features:
1/ Pressure-sensitive adhesion
  Curing reaction is caused by moisture in the air. Pressure sensitive ranges will be reached in
this curing process about 10 minutes after application. If substrates are put together during this time, they bond instantaneously as in case of rubber contact adhesive, eliminating the need for temporary fixation.
2/ Adhesive property over an extensive range
  It allows for adhesion of various kinds of plastics (PPS, PS, PP, PE, ABS, PC, PVC etc.),
rubbers, wood, ceramics, clothes, solid surface, quartz surface, natural stone, moreover
different types of metals (aluminum, iron, steel, copper etc.).
  It provides excellent adhesion over a very extensive range of materials, eliminating the needs for choosing a particular adhesive for each type of different materials.
3/ One-component Solventless agent
  Easy-to-use, safe, and clean adhesive, quick curing at normal temperature.
4/ Durability
  It is as elastic adhesive do not peel off. Once materials are bonded, it provided durability in the arrange from low temperature (-60) to high temperature (120).
  Because of the rubber state of the hard film, it follows the changes of adherents such as expansion and shrinkage sufficiently.
Packing: single cartridge 300ml
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